Building Your Life’s Story


Personal Storyline

Your life is made up of timelines, memories, people, and events, all tied together to create your own personal storyline. Moji Legacy creates legacy videos to help preserve that storyline for generations.


Planning Your Legacy Video

We start with a consultation to determine what your desired outcome is for your Legacy video. From there, we plan what topics to cover in our conversations and the best approach to telling your story

Location & Family

We have dozens of suggested questions that you can review and from these, we can identify the most important topics you want covered in your legacy video. Once we have a creative direction, we can also help you decide if you want other family members and friends interviewed, where you want the interview to take place and which old family photos and home movies you want to incorporate to bring your story to life. We can also capture additional footage of you doing the things that bring you the most joy.

After the preliminary script is done, you can review it with everyone involved. Then, we’ll schedule the filming and create a legacy video preserving your loved one’s memories.

Let us help you build your life’s story. Give Moji a call today.